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Medical | UX/UI | Product

LungPass is an Implantable Inhaler for targeted pulmonary delivery of titrated drug dose for treatment of chronic diseases e.g. COPD

The mission is to improve outcomes and Quality of Life for COPD patients by administering therapeutic drugs directly to the Lungs. By adherence (overcoming the patient’s inability to take medication) the implant creates an autonomy and manages to bypass human errors.

Intuitive UX/UI

The LungPass app enables defined and personal control of the implant and its functions.
With the app, the user can track his lung condition and thus improve his lifestyle.

How it Works

The implant contains a titrated drug that is automatically delivered from the housing via the drug catheter directly to the patient’s target area.
If necessary, the device can be refilled by injection through the refill silicone point.


Even though an implant is in the body, it must look clean, accessible, and trustworthy as the patient’s life depends on it.


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