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Phone Magnet

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Magnetic Car Mount brand sold by leading cellular accessories vendors in more than 60 countries.
EasyHold’s Innovative technology enables high magnetic pull and low magnetic field.

The 20×20 mm magnets are divided into 16 squares each with opposing polarity, resulting in a magnet that is not only 100% safe to use with any hand-held device, but is also 30% stronger than any other magnet of comparable size.

Design Process

Attention to details is always highly important, especially when designing small products.
The design phase starts with 2D sketches, progresses to 3D configuration models and ends up with fine tuning the CMF (Color, Material, Finish).

How it Works

AEGlobal developed its magnet using the opposite polarity principal, which states that if you put the magnet’s opposing polarities very close together, they will cancel each other’s magnetic field


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