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90% of people brush their teeth ineffectively due to human factors, such as fatigue, sloppiness, unawareness, and more.

We have been working in close cooperation with eight engineers and doctors, developing a fully autonomous toothbrush as a mean to revolutionize oral care and eliminate health hazards associated with poor oral hygiene.

How it Works

A complete coverage of the teeth with a patented autonomous stroke pattern combined with a flexible mouth-piece that hugs the teeth with optimum pressure.


Using a new, innovative technique in dental health care, Autobrush needed to provide familiar elements to make the product intuitive for the user while maintaining a progressive, modern look. The handle is ergonomically shaped from both sides as the toothbrush is flipped in order to brush both the upper and bottom jaw.

The interchangeable brush head is shaped and assembled using specially developed cold joinery techniques and is made of silicone, plastic and nylon fibers. Designed for a durable, safe brushing experience.

Portable & Compact

The powerful battery and compact overall dimensions make Autobrush portable and ready to take along at any time.


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